Fonist Telecom - IP Phone


  Fonist IP Phone costs 5000Yen, recharge this IP Phone can be done by 2000¥, 3000¥ or 5000¥ from any convenience stores by Telme JAPAN Smart Pit card which will be issued together with each IP Phone. The available durations are the best offer with high quality that everybody surprises.

Fonist IP Phone calls International Cheapest...


GET your Fonist IP Phone

Do not need to buy! Worry FREE Fonist Telecom!

Just deposit waranty amount ¥5.000 and get it back when you return us the unit.
Make the call wihout computer
Auto Top-up (Rechargeable) by Telme JAPAN Smart Pit Card

Fonist IP Phone can work will any Internet Service Provider

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Setup the Fonist IP Phone as public: enter PIN to authorize every call!
Or, Setup to hard-fix an account to Fonist IP Phone: Pinless! One step dialling!