Fonist Telecom - How to Use Fonist Telecom Smart Pit Card


Charge and Recharge your Fonist Telecom Smart Pit:
After receiving the FREE Fonist Telecom Phone Card with balance zero, customer has to visit the convenience stores that accept the Smart Pit Payment System for charging (and also recharging later on). Customer can make call immediately after payment.
Customer can charge/recharge Fonist Telecom more than 2000yen at once (2000 + 2000 + 2000... how many times as you can).

The following stores are accepted: Surief, Circkle K, FamilyMart, LAWSON, MiniStop, Sunkus


Please keep the receipt from the convenience store!
Fonist Telecom Smart Pit card is never expired! To be used for years!

To make International Call by Mobile Phone:
Step 1: Please dial by a combination of access number and destination number!!
- SoftBank Mobile Phone:00534905+ country code + area code + phone number
- AU/Docomo Mobile Phone: 005349088 + country code + area code + phone number
Step 2: Enter ID Card and press #
The system will automatically register your ID Card to your phone number for the next calls. You do not have to input ID card number for later call. Remove it out if you are not using your own mobile to make call!



To make International Call by Landline, KDDI IP, Yahoo BB Phone and Public Phone:
Step 1: Please make free dial to our access number!
- Home/Work Phone: 0120-923-855
- Yahoo BB Phone: 050-1601-8839
- KDDI IP Phone: 050-3161-6756
- Public box in Tokyo (03): 0120-933-628
- Public box at all other areas (nation wide): 0120-922-175 or 0120-996-277
Step 2: Enter ID Card and press #
Step 3: Enter the destination number: Country code + Area Code + Phone number and press #

To make International Call by PC Software:
Please download and install Fonist Telecom dialer from
Customer can make call from anywhere by PC with internet connection.

Notes for Fonist Telecom Smart Pit Phone Card:
- Please make sure to dial the correct access number from your appropriate phone!
- Customer can select card language at the first use. After ID Card and # at step 2, listen to the system and press the correct number for your desire language: (1) Japanese; (2) Korean; (3) Chinese; (4) English
- Attention for Landline/KDDI IP/Yahoo BB phone user, at Step 2, if customer makes input the correct ID card and press #, but the system requires you to enter it again and again, please press * before your ID Card (* and ID card and #).

- Fonist Telecom Smart Pit can be used throughout Japan by any phone type.
- To call a phone number in Japan, please follow the three steps as above! (but Step 3: just need to press the phone number in Japan and ending by #).
- Use coin to make free dial to access number! Do not insert Fonist Telecom into the box! Money will be returned after the call.

Register ID card to a phone number:
To register your ID card to your phone number, please dial the access number, press ID card and #, then press * button right after that! (=> ID card + # + *)

Remove registered ID card from phone:
- Softbank mobile: Just press #778889999
- Au/Docomo mobile: press 005349059999
- Home phone: please contact our customer support center!
* In most of cases, the registered card number will be released out of phone number when the credit balance gets out.







Telme JAPAN guidance is available in other website: For Telme JAPAN Card, please go to for PC2Phone and Phone2Phone guidance!